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Buttermilk schnitzels with winter slaw recipe

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The Chicken Recipes Kitchen (The home of delicious chicken recipes) invites you to try Buttermilk schnitzels with winter slaw Recipe. Enjoy our collection of quick & easy recipes and learn how to make Buttermilk fried chicken.

You're sure to rule the roost with these winning buttermilk chicken schnitzels.

Preparation Time 45 minutes
Cooking Time 15 minutes

Ingredients (serves 6)

4 chicken breast fillets
300ml buttermilk
4 spring onions
2 dried bay leaves, crushed
140g (1/2 cup) Dijon mustard
150g (1 cup) plain flour
4 eggs, lightly beaten
150g (2 cups) panko breadcrumbs (see note)
Vegetable oil, to shallow-fry
Mayonnaise and lemon wedges, to serve
Winter slaw
1 small radicchio, outer leaves discarded
300g brussels sprouts, trimmed
100g (1 1/4 cups) flaked almonds, roasted
100g green or red grapes, sliced
1/4 cup finely chopped flat-leaf parsley
2 1/2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 lemon, zested, juiced


To marinate chicken, remove tenderloins (long, thin strips attached to the underside) from breasts, then halve breasts widthwise. Using a meat mallet or rolling pin, pound breast pieces and tenderloins until 1cm thick. Using a fork, prick all over. Place in a bowl with buttermilk. Cut tops from onions, leaving 5cm of the green part attached to the white part and reserve. Thinly slice tops and add to chicken mixture with bay leaves. Turn the chicken to coat in marinade, cover, and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, to make slaw, thinly slice reserved onions and place in a bowl. Using a mandolin or knife, finely shred radicchio and shave sprouts, then add to onions. Cover with damp paper towel.

Drain chicken from marinade (there’s no need to brush off onions or bay leaves) and place in a bowl. Add mustard and toss to coat. Place flour in a second bowl and season with salt and pepper. Place eggs in a third bowl and breadcrumbs in a fourth bowl. Dust chicken with flour, dip in egg, then coat in breadcrumbs. Place on a tray lined with baking paper. Chill for 15 minutes.

Fill a large frying pan 2cm deep with oil. Heat over medium heat. Working in 2 batches, cook breast pieces for 4 minutes each side and tenderloins for 3 minutes each side, or until golden and cooked through. Drain on paper towel.

To finish slaw, add remaining ingredients to brussels sprout mixture, season, then gently toss to combine.

Serve slaw and schnitzels with mayonnaise and lemon wedges.


Tip: Panko breadcrumbs are from selected supermarkets and Asian food shops. Substitute dried breadcrumbs. Allow an extra 30 minutes to marinate the chicken, or up to 1 day.

MasterChef - July 2011, Page 60
Recipe by Sophia Young

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